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Digital marketing is the new online channel that compresses the whole scheme of advertising into a cheaper, and more precise package for businesses. Basically, it produces the highest quality of results that businesses get from trying to reach out to their customers without breaking the bank.

As a business owner looking to tap into the benefits of digital marketing, the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Nigeria are one of the information you should have in order to select the best for your business.

Depending on the nature of the business, digital marketing agencies usually cover website design, online advertising, SEO, email marketing, social media, and more. Also, most times, these agencies are a one-stop for all your digital needs.

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Top 10 digital marketing agencies in Nigeria

If you’re a business owner or a marketing executive for an organization looking for the best digital marketing agency to work with, here are the top 10 to consider:

1. PrimeBoxie

PrimeBoxie Creative Agency specializes in Consulting, Marketing, and Design-driven with a passion for building electrifying relations between products and humans. PrimeBoxie is a fully integrated Branding, and IT services agency working with businesses globally. They create brands from scratch and heal the wounded ones.

2. Wild Fusion

Arguably Nigeria’s first and finest digital marketing agency, Wild fusion sits at the very top of this list. The company is the first Google Adword certified partner in Nigeria, which speaks volumes of their expertise as well as professionalism. Wild Fusion operates across major countries in Africa, including Kenya and Ghana. Some of the services they offer include:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Mobile marketing
  • Media services
  • Content production
  • Brand strategy
  • Social media marketing
  • Web analytics and SEO
  • Customer insight and training

3. Amplify

Amplify is a fine digital marketing agency that exists to bridge the current gap between marketing and technology in Nigeria. Basically, they do this by creating innovative solutions to help businesses reach their target audience. Also, their team consist of technology enthusiasts, designers, digital marketers, social media marketers and more, who all come together to create a real-time digital solution for brands all across Africa.Read this –  List of agricultural investment platforms you can invest in Nigeria – 2022 updated

4. Anakle

Anakle specializes in creating and executing digital campaigns for clients and agencies around the world. Also, they take control of both online and offline channels to build your audience across both. From inception till date, the team has handled several projects for top brands across Africa. Some of their services include:

  • Social media management and marketing
  • Digital strategy
  • Web/ mobile app development
  • UI/UX design
  • Digital marketing

5. Street Toolz

Street toolz is more of an interactive agency than outright digital advertising. However, the company takes advantage of digital channels to build a successful brand through user experience, interactivity and engagement. Currently, this agency has a rich portfolio of clients including the British council, World Bank Group, Grand cereals, PropertyMart and more.

6. Ellae Creative

Ellae is powered and run by a team of creative and strategic professionals who share a common goal and belief in the strength of great ideas. In addition, the agency is based in Lagos and harnesses creativity to consistently deliver top-notch results through digital channels for their clients.

7. Intense

Intense exist for basically two purposes, which are social media management and digital marketing. Therefore, the agency helps your business reach more customers and increase sales through these two channels. Their services include

  • Product design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing

8. Bytesize

Basically, Bytesize specializes in delivering strategic digital marketing directions that help businesses reach their goals sooner. Also, as a fully digital communication agency, they make use of creativity, customer research and other insight data to transform businesses.Read this –  AXA Mansard Investment – What you should know

9. Dodo

Dodo is a creative design agency that stands out among other agencies in this niche. Basically, they are centred on human processes which they use in building brands and unique customer experience for businesses. Some of their services are:

  • Brand strategy and Identity
  • Print and packaging design
  • Web design and UI/UX
  • Customer research
  • Data visualization
  • Digital marketing
  • Customer experience design

10. Cregital

Cregital is a creative digital agency that helps brands and other businesses make the right digital impressions. Therefore, they work closely with clients to understand their business goals and tailor a solution to help expedite the process all within their budget.


In the end, it all boils down to what exactly your business needs because it is certain that not all digital marketing approach is effective for all businesses. When choosing, ensure the company is well equipped for your needs, especially if you don’t particularly understand it. Also, the agency should be designed to serve the size of your corporation, whether it be an SME, startup or multinational. 

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